Local People, Local Food: Photo Dinner Party

I recently planned and organized a photo dinner party at the Abernathy Park Pavilion in Clemson, South Carolina which was held on the evening of Wednesday, March 13.  This small gathering of people was inspired by Kinfolk Magazine and the series of dinners that they held around the world last year celebrating relationships, each other’s passions, and good wholesome food. There were so many people that were involved in making this dinner happen and that was honestly the best part because I got to showcase other people’s passions while also showcasing my own by planning this dinner about local food and people that are involved with it. I began by planning a menu and was able to get several people and businesses to donate what was needed including the Village Baker in Pendleton and the Student Organic Farm as well as the cooking talents of my friend Jena Heaton. I also had one of my best friends who is a printmaker, Natalie Rainer, design the menus as well, which were beautiful. I was extremely grateful to everyone that came too because that was one of the more stressful parts of the planning, trying to make sure people would actually show up. Last but not least I need to give a big shout out to my fellow photo classmates Jena Heaton, Lindsey Harris, Nick Baldwin, Joshua Kelly and my professor Anderson Wrangle because without their encouragement, support, and help I definitely would not have been able to call this photo dinner party a complete success! Hope you enjoy these photographs that came from it!

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